Bowl Games & Memberships

Welcome to another episode of the practice X Factor. I think we just hit episode number 30, which is pretty exciting. And I hope you’re off to a great new year. If you haven’t planned out your new year and set your goals and got with your team and identified your membership goals and new patient goals and collections goals for the year, there’s no time like the present. If you need some help withContinue reading “Bowl Games & Memberships”

Gold Star Scheduling with Flint Geier of the Scheduling Institute

Dr. Williams Welcome to another episode of the Practice X Factor. And we’re back this episode to share with you some tips on really boosting the membership aspect of your practice, and have a cool, unique, and precious guest today, which is Flint Geier from the scheduling Institute. So, welcome, Flint. Thanks for joining us today. Flint Thank you, thanks for having me. Dr. Williams So we, you know, I’m a high Quick Start KolbeContinue reading “Gold Star Scheduling with Flint Geier of the Scheduling Institute”

How to Ensure You Have a Successful New Year

It’s January, the year of goals, dreams, changes, updates, and resolutions. There’s actually a designated day in January named National “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.” The truth is, that means that less than one in 24 New Year’s resolutions, or rather less than 4% of New Year’s resolutions we make are ever realized or achieved. As you start the new year keep in mind the SMART acronym S M A R T when you areContinue reading “How to Ensure You Have a Successful New Year”

First Time Going Viral!

During my senior year of high school, a bunch of the guys we’re over at a friend’s house. Her parents were going through a divorce. So her mom was organizing and cleaning out the garage. There was a pile of odds and ends from which her said we could take what we wanted. The only item that was off limited to keep were some old-fashioned fire extinguishers. She told us that we could borrow them,Continue reading “First Time Going Viral!”

Should You Offer Memberships In Your Office? Part 1 of 2.

We’re going to break this topic down into two parts over two different episodes. This episode is really about asking the question, should you offer membership plans?  Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.  But we’ll go through some things that should help you decide if you’re not currently offering a plan, if you should, or if you are offering a plan, how you can make it better.  Maybe you even should stop offering a membershipContinue reading “Should You Offer Memberships In Your Office? Part 1 of 2.”