How Much Are Your Patients Worth?

Recently the most valuable and expensive pair of shoes ever sold in an auction for nearly $1.5 million. They were a pair of 1984 Nike basketball sneakers worn by Michael Jordan. Health and relationships are the most valuable assets and prized possessions we have in our lives. However, the things you spend the most money on are often things that can be replaced. For example, cars can be repaired or traded up. Homes can beContinue reading “How Much Are Your Patients Worth?”

Less Talk, More Treatment

When your new patient responds with “I’ll think about it,” what do you do next? The best part about dentistry is that you never need to “sell“ anything! Simply respond with “no problem at all” anytime you run into that, and then practice the fine art of shutting up and listening. It diffuses the pressure, which they are trying to put back on you for cost, no sense of urgency, etc. I like to followContinue reading “Less Talk, More Treatment”

G.R.O.W. Like CVS

Here is a prime example of a subscription membership program I read recently that specifically involves healthcare. You can learn a lot about this on how you run your own practice, grow your profits, and most importantly meet the needs of your patients where they are. “CVS, the drug store chain, has 4-Million people in its subscription programs, and CVS reports* that those customers buy 25% more stuff than other customers i.e. each one worthContinue reading “G.R.O.W. Like CVS”

What’s Working in Dentistry NOW?

Recently Dr. Williams interviewed Dr. Howard Farran of Dentaltown on our podcast for practice owners The Practice X-Factor. Here are a few highlights we’ve paraphrased from Howard’s input on the topic of what practice owners need to be successful in the turbulent environment of dentistry today: There are 168 hours in a week but most dentists are available only for 32 of them! What if a person feels pain in their molar tooth and theContinue reading “What’s Working in Dentistry NOW?”

Is Insurance Getting In the Way of Your Treatment Plans?

Many practice owners have asked, “why is insurance such a pain to deal with?” But many who complain about the hand that feed them are also some of the most insurance driven offices I know of. Don’t knock it if you are the one who chose to sign on the dotted line. Today, at least 7 out of 10 people are suffering from some form of dental disease. According to the ADA, many people avoidContinue reading “Is Insurance Getting In the Way of Your Treatment Plans?”