Are You STILL Doing “Old” Dentures?

One of the most common complaints of dentists offering dentures is how many appointments it takes. Now there’s a better way. Here’s an excerpt of my recent interview with Dr. Lawrence Wallace, oral surgeon and inventor of the one-step denture: Just going back to my practice, I remember that, in my practice, about 70% of the immediate dentures that I delivered, the dentist would send over the case with the patient, and I would doContinue reading “Are You STILL Doing “Old” Dentures?”


In part 1, we covered four reasons why you should make your membership plans more valuable (valuable builder) and different than Dental Insurance. Not a “discount only” plan (profit killer). HOW TO SET FEES In our office we sent out a lot of surveys and study local and national trends. Knowing when and what your patients and prospects are looking for is key. For example, if you offer sedation or laughing gas in your practice,Continue reading “WIN-WIN MEMBERSHIPS”


This week we are sharing with you a tip about membership plans in your office. You know, there’s a lot of talk these days about membership plans, and dental savings plans. Unfortunately, most of them are done wrong. Done incorrectly, you actually may be losing money, or setting yourself up for failure. If you’ve ever heard of sunk cost syndrome, which is when you have a big hole, and you continue to dig and tryContinue reading “MEMBERSHIPS DONE RIGHT!”

Are You “Addicted”?

As a practicing dentist, you’ve probably seen the effects of patients who have addictions to narcotics. I’ve never had any problem like that myself, but I’ve treated a few patients over the years who formerly had those problems and have shared with me how much it ruined their life, and how much work it was to turn that around for them. So just like a muscle, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zoneContinue reading “Are You “Addicted”?”

What Are You Investing In Today?

There are many things you can invest in. Your Practice (of course), real estate, the stock market, bitcoin, and much more! Recently I interviewed Michael Zuber, author of One Rental at a Time. Here is a quick excerpt from our podcast ( “You know, that was about an 18-month journey from trough to peak to trough, and I realized that it wasn’t Warren buffet, even though in the middle of that, I felt like IContinue reading “What Are You Investing In Today?”