How Will the PPP Affect Your Practice in 2021?

Recently, due to yet another round of government aid during this pandemic, many economists have begun to debate how effective the benefits of the Paycheck Protection Program have been in relation to the cost. In one report from the economists employed by the U.S. Treasury in December 2020, the P.P.P. could have potentially saved up to 19 million jobs! However, several academic economists who have thoroughly studied the program, have concluded that a mere 1.2Continue reading “How Will the PPP Affect Your Practice in 2021?”

How to “G.R.O.W.” Your Practice in 2021!

Since the coronavirus pandemic started a little over a year ago, more than 100,000 businesses have had to close their doors due to the havoc it has wreaked on our economy. Furthermore, when the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) repayment forgiveness period comes due, how many more practices will be forced to close their doors for good? After all of the hard work and sacrifice required to start a business, no owner, or their team, wantsContinue reading “How to “G.R.O.W.” Your Practice in 2021!”

Rich Owners Get Richer!

There are only two types of businesses and practices in the world: The ones that continuously thrive and better themselves every year, and… The ones that continuously struggle until they ultimately give up, or fail. Although, even outside of the ongoing pandemic, there is a reason why there are many practices that are up against the ropes, and why there are others that are doing very well. Unfortunately, there is no stimulus, accountant, or anyContinue reading “Rich Owners Get Richer!”

Who Is Your “Coach?”

Pat Williams, the cofounder of the Orlando Magic and former general manager of the Chicago Bulls and 76ers said that he has yet to meet a player that didn’t need a coach.  He’s been in professional sports for 60 years – so I trust his judgment.  He’s coached some of the greats including Julius “Dr. J” Irving and Shaquille O’Neal. all great players need someone to mentor, manage, and coach them. So doall good entrepreneursContinue reading “Who Is Your “Coach?””

Ensure Your 2021 Goal I.S. M.E.T.

As we approach the end of the year, are you casually coasting to the finish line? Or are you on an all-out sprint to the finish line? You should definitely enjoy time with family and friends, and reflect on 2020, but it’s also an opportunity to finish strong and set goals for 2021. When exercising, research finds that during the 2-3 minutes of resting after a sprint, your body cranks out up to 500% orContinue reading “Ensure Your 2021 Goal I.S. M.E.T.”