Did COVID-19 Just Shatter Your Practice Growth Strategy and 2020 Goals?

Are you a dentist who thought you were right on track for a really big year before this crisis struck?

Have the past 2 months forced you to re-evaluate your gameplan to build the practice you’ve always dreamed of?

If you have witnessed your production and collections numbers plummet over the past few months, while simultaneously watching any hope of new restorative or implant cases be pushed back indefinitely, then…

It’s time to create your new strategy for practice growth without
resigning yourself to working longer, harder and
for less, while running endlessly on the hamster wheel.

Click below to watch this free, 12 minute training to show you how you can:

  • Calculate EXACTLY how much you should pay your team members, incentivize them, and grow your personal income, despite the COVID-19 market crash.
  • Identify under-used marketing assets you already have in your practice (you may find 6+ figure digits or more), that you can start using today!
  • Create a “Growth Plan” for creating collections flow that is sustainable and predictable, whether this pandemic is over quickly, or strings along for months.
  • Build a game plan to protect your hard-earned, sweat equity from the ups and downs of news and negative media, without letting it waste another minute of your time!

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If the thought of rebooting your practice feels like standing at the base of a giant mountain, then watch this short training BEFORE you start your climb to the top.