What Other Practice Owners Have
To Say About This Book

“It made me think about my practice and practice growth in new ways. I found your book to be inspiring and encouraging…I think all the 7 pillars can help me – also M.A.P.S.S. to increase my case acceptance.”
-Dr. France Nielsen, The Tooth Family Dental, Las Vegas, NV

“Loving your book! So much good stuff I’m reading it slowly.”
-Dr. Kevin Van, Captivating Dental Care Clewiston, FL

I like the idea of constructing your RMAP and looking at what is currently in your practice to help formulate your plan instead of always looking elsewhere…I really enjoyed the information on marketing. To me this is one of the hardest things to navigate, especially as a new dentist. Guidance in this area is priceless and can be a game changer for practice growth.”
-Dr. Paul Porter, Avenues Family Dentistry, Salt Lake City, UT

“Your book is applicable to practices of all sizes.”
-Dr. Rudy Wolf, Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry, Altavista, Virginia

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