Friday Finish: April 3, 2020 I bet your email inbox has been bombarded this week with “COVID-19” messages. Although it’s important and crucial that we pay attention to what’s going on in our country right now, it’s not something that will likely dramatically affect the rest of your life. When the housing crisis hit in 2008, everyone was talking “doomsday” on housing and many experts believed that housing was in the tank for decades. But

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Give Before You Receive

Friday Finish – March 27, 2020 Now, more than ever, it’s critical as practice owners that we are in the business of giving more value to our patients and team members. We are right in the trenches of a national crisis. No one knows for certain what will happen next. But what we do know is that major changes are headed our way, both during and after this historical time. Every time a correction happens

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Have Some M&Ms!

Friday Finish – March 20, 2020 My wife and I have a group of friends who get together once a month or so on a weekend for “Game Night.” This often consists of mostly talking, socializing and eating treats, but it does involve different card or board games played as teams, either in couples or as men versus women. Megan usually outscores me at most games, except for games on trivia or memory which is

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Diamonds In The Rough

Friday FINISH (Special Thursday edition) – March 19, 2020 There’s an old story, told by Roger Cromwell, the first president and founder of Temple University, who was also a well known Baptist temple minister, lawyer and writer. He tells of a priest offering advice to a man named Ali, looking for diamonds, as written here from his famous speech Acres of Diamonds (quoted from Ali: “Will you tell me where I find diamonds?” Priest:

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Courage vs. Fear

Friday FINISH – March 13, 2020 Due to the Coronavirus panic of March 2020, my weekend plans to Lake Tahoe were cancelled for an anniversary getaway my wife and I had been so excited for. We were pretty bummed about the adventure we had to put on hold, but knew it was the safer bet. Truthfully we weren’t that concerned about the actual virus, but more concerned about being quarantined away from our kids or

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