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Italian Food!

Friday Focus – January 31, 2020 Recently, I took my dental practice team out for a New Year’s Dinner at Valter’s Osteria in downtown Salt Lake City. Valter’s is not your typical Italian restaurant. Valter, the founder and owner walks around with his big head of white hair, in a finely dressed suit and shares a smile and a strong Italian accent “hello” with his guests. His regulars get a warm hug at the door

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KNOCKOUT Speed with “20/20” Vision

January 24, 2020, by Tyler Williams D.D.S. This week was “20/20” day (January 20, 2020). To have perfect vision is to have a perfectly clear understanding of what you see in front of you. A vision for the future of your practice. This includes today’s vision, tomorrow’s vision, and next year’s vision. In the bestselling book Traction by Geno Wickman, the author provides a powerful insight on how to set a 1 year, 3 year

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What do your patients really WANT?

January 17, 2020, by Tyler Williams, D.D.S. On this very day in 1792 the dollar sign ($) was born and showed up for the very first time on a federal U.S. document, which was a treasury bond issued to President George Washington (Source: WSJ). Only three stocks have every broken the trillion dollar mark, until Google’s Alphabet stock (GOOG) became the fourth this week as it also broke the trillion dollar mark. Apple, Amazon and

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