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What’s New Really Isn’t

Nearly everything around us is a reinvention of, or recreation of something that already exists. The old saying “there’s nothing new under the sun” still applies today.   According to the March/April 2020 edition of Inc. Magazine, only 14% of data in 2019 was “new to the world, everything else was copies.” This includes:   Movies Music Medicine Technology Clothing Styles Cars Internet Articles And More…   History leaves clues for us. The virus causing

When you make decisions in your practice, what do you base them on? Fear and Emotions? Facts? Faith? Two of the three are correct levers to act upon, I’m sure you’ve figured out which one is not. Information and data are the levers for good decisions, and levers for your growth.  Always have a Plan B, and a Plan C… Here are some key points to remember as you work toward moving into your “regular”

Friday Finish – April 24, 2020 Continue reading During this pandemic, COVID-19 downtime, how are you communicating with your patients and clients? When the news came out that we had to close our doors, or at least limit the flow of patients to a drip, what were your reactions? Most of our Colleagues went into shock, followed by crawling into hiding. I’m sorry if that’s offensive, but it’s true. The truth is, doing nothing is

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WOW! Cards That Care

Friday FINISH – April 17, 2020 Last week I wrote about Gratitude. Today we’ll cover part 2 of that topic as I share some things that have helped me become a better dentist, practice owner, father and husband through the ups and downs life sometimes throws our way. One of Bill Gates’ favorite books, Enlightenment Now, provides a long list of reasons on why we generally have life pretty good in our world today. For

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Do You Feel Gratitude Today?

Friday FINISH – April 10, 2020 We all need extra encouragement right now. Life is very different. I once read that the divorce rate of parents with children who have special needs is 85%. When times get tough, it’s easy to crack. As Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently stated, we’ll see who the real leaders are through this challenging time. Right now you have just 5 choices regarding the future of your practice: Give

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