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One Dimensional Marketing

Friday Finish – February 21, 2020 “One is the loneliest number.” This song by Harry Nilsson topped the Billboard charts in 1969, and it’s lyrics still ring true today. According to Investor’s Business Daily, “On Monday, Apple warned that it likely will not meet its guidance for the current quarter because of business interruptions related to the outbreak of the current coronavirus strain known as Covid-19. ‘Work is starting to resume around the country, but

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What do you LOVE?

Friday FINISH – February 14, 2020 Your are the reason we love Practice Growth! Today is Valentine’s Day. So, what do you really LOVE? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Who around you do you love? Do you love your job? Your practice? What hobbies do you love? What recreation do you love to participate in? These are all important things to recognize, not just for what and who they are, but

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Chinese Foot Massage

Friday FINISH Chinese Foot Massage– February 7, 2020 Recently my wife invited me on a date for a “Chinese Foot Massage” at a little shop in a strip mall a few miles away from my home. Sounds a little strange, right? Well, it gets even better from here. This “Foot Massage” is actually a full body massage. You walk in, they ask you one question, if you want feet only or full body. From there,

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Italian Food!

Friday Focus – January 31, 2020 Recently, I took my dental practice team out for a New Year’s Dinner at Valter’s Osteria in downtown Salt Lake City. Valter’s is not your typical Italian restaurant. Valter, the founder and owner walks around with his big head of white hair, in a finely dressed suit and shares a smile and a strong Italian accent “hello” with his guests. His regulars get a warm hug at the door

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KNOCKOUT Speed with “20/20” Vision

January 24, 2020, by Tyler Williams D.D.S. This week was “20/20” day (January 20, 2020). To have perfect vision is to have a perfectly clear understanding of what you see in front of you. A vision for the future of your practice. This includes today’s vision, tomorrow’s vision, and next year’s vision. In the bestselling book Traction by Geno Wickman, the author provides a powerful insight on how to set a 1 year, 3 year

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