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The Cure to Being Overworked and Underpaid

One of the greatest playwright and masters of comedy in Wester literature of all time, Moliere, once said: “Nearly all men die of their remedies, and not of their illnesses.” This is true for us as practice owners. If we aren’t careful about prioritizing what we are doing on any given day, our “per hour“ rate drops dramatically. If you haven’t noticed already, by adding 20 more hours to your work week rarely if ever

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It’s Gettin’ Tougher Out There!

As of August 24th, the ADA reported that right about half – 49% of practices are reporting LOWER volumes than usual. That is alarming for practice owners and corporate dentistry as consumer spending is up – in fact as of July consumer spending was HIGHER than pre-pandemic levels! But….don’t just “let it be” that way! There’s an old story of a hardhat worker, just going through the motions, day in and day out at his

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The Elections and Your Practice

I’m not a big political follower, but I do find the strategies and marketing tactics used by the political parties and candidates very interesting. Millions of dollars go into their campaigns, so watching what they do is instructive. I do however find some of the hate and combative behavior disgusting. It really comes down to a lack of respect for another’s’ point of view. Whether it’s national policies, your local community, or your practice, it

There’s an old story that is still very true today about the nature of most people, and it goes something like this. “A lobster when left high and dry among the rocks, has not instinct and energy enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him. If it does not come, he remains where he is and dies, although the slightest effort would enable him to

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Garage Sales are Like Bad Patients

A few weeks ago our neighborhood put together their semi-annual garage sale. I’m not a big fan of garage sales, at least not being the one selling things out there. Some people get a thrill out of selling and buying old stuff. I see it generally as stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. For me, why spend half of my day to make a few bucks and miss out on biking or hiking or

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