This is a fantastic question. And you want to start out by defining what type of patient you want to attract now. If you just say, “Hey, we just want any new patient” then you’re probably already on the wrong track. There are many patients looking for lots of different types of services and different outcomes. For example: There are patients who care more about insurance. There are patients who care most about cost.  There

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Examples of Dental Membership Plans

There are a few ways to approach creating a membership plan or to revive it in your practice. If you’re part of our Advanced Membership Master Network, we provide a lot of done for you examples and templates that you can just simply change the name on and run with. However, if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of this, and you want to do it yourself, the best thing to

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The Membership Income Crossover

Savings Plan vs Membership Plan This month we are talking about an important distinction, which is, should you offer a membership plan or should you offer an in-office savings plan to your patients? While they may sound similar on the surface? There are some very important and different distinctions.  Recently I read an article and it was talking about Costco versus Sam’s club. (Costco has been discussed before in Advanced Membership Mastery.) Sam’s club has

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Bowl Games & Memberships

Welcome to another episode of the practice X Factor. I think we just hit episode number 30, which is pretty exciting. And I hope you’re off to a great new year. If you haven’t planned out your new year and set your goals and got with your team and identified your membership goals and new patient goals and collections goals for the year, there’s no time like the present. If you need some help with

Dr. Williams Welcome to another episode of the Practice X Factor. And we’re back this episode to share with you some tips on really boosting the membership aspect of your practice, and have a cool, unique, and precious guest today, which is Flint Geier from the scheduling Institute. So, welcome, Flint. Thanks for joining us today. Flint Thank you, thanks for having me. Dr. Williams So we, you know, I’m a high Quick Start Kolbe

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