Go the Distance – Finish Strong!

It’s that time of year again, the time of year to be distracted! Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s coming to distract you and your team from you are your ankles. Should you ignore Christmas and be a Scrooge? Absolutely not! This is a great time to be giving and think of others, especially your team members, patients and of course your family. But don’t forget to go to the distance and finishContinue reading “Go the Distance – Finish Strong!”

(Ice) Fishing for Relationships

I’m not a huge fisherman, but I do enjoy Ice Fishing during our Utah Winters. Here’s why I enjoy it more than regular fishing: No dirt (snow instead) No snags (your line drops straight down the middle of the lake – no weeds or lake  grass to mess up your hooks) Less crowds Relaxing in the sun Here are 5 basic guidelines to successful Ice Fishing that apply to building your relationships with new patientsContinue reading “(Ice) Fishing for Relationships”

Your Efficiency vs Your Effectiveness

The legendary fund manager Peter Drucker talks about the concept of efficiency versus effectiveness. You can apply this to your practice in many key ways. Efficiency s being able to do a nice crown prep and finish it on time, but effectiveness is creating a meaningful relationship with your patient once you place the crown and building the kind of practice that they want to come back to you and further friends and family to.Continue reading “Your Efficiency vs Your Effectiveness”

Most Bananas Go Bad

My favorite fruit of all time is the banana. I probably eat one just about every day in a smoothie or to curb my appetite and help me avoid eating less desserts. Bananas are easy to peel, inexpensive and they provide potassium and other important minerals for your body. Typically the greener the banana, the more nutrition and less sugar it contains. The biggest downside with bananas is that once they begin to ripen, theyContinue reading “Most Bananas Go Bad”

Three Type of People In Your World

Walt Disney once described that their are three types of people in the world: “Well-poisoners“ – those who always criticize the ideas and effort of other people. “Lawn-mowers“ – the good citizens who go to work each day, pay their taxes, and take care of their homes, but never venture outside of their own lives to really make an impact on others. “Life-enhancers“ – those who reach out to enrich the lives of others throughContinue reading “Three Type of People In Your World”