They All Laughed When I Told Them I Don’t Have Insurance 

Headaches…But Now They’re Begging For THE SECRET.

I can still hear the dark echoes in my mind the first time I heard “you billed my insurance wrong and that’s your office’s fault, not mine!“ 

Believe me, I know what it’s like. I’ve been there, with you, in that same conversation…

Whenever you get together with other practice owners the conversation always gets

around the headaches – trying to get your insurance reimbursement at as high of a level as possible and dealing with the huge write-offs and growing claim denials. It feels like you’re continually fighting fires and fixing mistakes.

In fact, not too long ago I was in one of those little get togethers and one of the docs asked me about my insurance problems and when I said, “I don’t have insurance headaches” they all laughed. They thought I was being sarcastic.

But then afterwards one of them asked me if I was serious, and when I told him it is true, I don’t have insurance headaches, they asked me for the secret. I told them, it’s really not a secret, it’s the effective system we have in place. 

So he literally begged me, even pleaded with me into sharing my story that I want to give to you, I simply ask that you just give back to our other dental “peeps” in return when you find that kind of value in what I’m about to share.

You’ve probably been at practice ownership long enough to know that you don’t have all the answers, and you likely have enough employees that you know the answer certainly isn’t MORE employees. You’ve dealt with enough insurance to know that signing up for MORE plans won’t cut it either. 

But things just don’t seem to change – But they sure can…

What would it mean to you if you could get all of your patients seeing the value of what you provide, and not coming to you just because you except their plan (which is the worst type of loyalty program by the way), rather than by fighting fires and fixing mistakes?

If you know you could achieve more, build the practice you’ve always wanted, take that vacation and actually forget about work, and have a less stressful, and more enjoyable home life, if only you weren’t slicing 20%-50% right off the top of your collections every day with adjustments, not to mention the weeks and months it takes to get reimbursed these days, this could be life-changing for you, and your team.


Isn’t that why you became a practice owner in the first place? Of course it is! But…

I know, I’ve been there and still am. As an owner of a practice that has grown rapidly, over 638%, I know all too well that far too often the business creeps up on you, and even  seems to control you rather than you controlling it sometimes. Right? 

And freedom?… That’s what I wanted, but I was never really free. IT was always there – The Practice – the problems, the headaches, the insurance, the New Patients, the employees, wondering what I’m going to need to “deal with” next. The business I created and gave my all to, that was supposed to set me free, had done just the opposite.

Why is that? Why does every practice owner

have the same set of problems?

Too many hours, too many problems – too often working on mundane, menial tasks rather than on the important stuff. The things that lead to real growth, more profits, and the practice you’ve always wanted, serving the patients who value you the most.

What if you could take insurance out of the equation? Or at least side step it so that it wasn’t the first and last thing your patients bring up every time they come to your office? What if you had a prepaid dental practice, rather than a “pay me later” practice? What if you didn’t have to spend time on mundane, menial, everyday insurance hassles and could work with the cases or treatment plans you really wanted to tackle? When you can do that you’ll not only have a better, more profitable practice, but you’ll have a less stressful, more productive life outside of work.

As I mentioned, I have been right where you are. I own four businesses and have been at it for nearly 12 years. I have been there right alongside my practice owner friends, complaining and moaning about insurance and how they “just can’t do that” to all of us in private practice.

But that changed when I created all of the systems I needed to take complete and total control of my practice and how we provide benefits for our patients – and I want to give you all of those patient relationship systems and stop insurance dependency in its tracks. Plus you’ll be able to get paid ahead of time, not after the work is done and after the insurance denies some or all of each claim.

In my Advanced Membership Mastery program, you’ll learn exactly how you can quickly and easily implement what you learn in your business and never complain and moan about insurance woes again.

Would You Dare?

Every one of those my patients gets this message from me every month “If you have any concerns, comments or complaints, please text me (Dr. Williams) at (801) 268-2323.

Would you like to be the next Advanced

Membership Mastery success story? 

Many practice owners assume getting to six figures will solve all their problems, only to discover the drill-fill-Insurance Bill purgatory, and the never-ending insurance treadmill. It’s easy to get stuck at six figures. But at AMM, we’ve discovered the #1 shift you need to make to get from six to seven figures. Do you know what it is?

Here’s who will benefit the most from this program:

  • 6 figure collections practices looking to get to 7 figures. Many practice owners assume getting to six figures will solve all their problems, only to discover the drill-fill-Insurance Bill purgatory, and the never-ending insurance treadmill. 
  • Practice owners who want to dive deeper into Practice Profit Activator tools and leverage the power of the Culture Triangle for their business. 
  • Seasoned practices with a huge potential for scaling up new patient or reactivation growth, or acquisition from a DSO corporate dental practice. 
  • Practice owners who are looking to do more high priced dentistry, with an even higher value to their patients.
  • Practices who are looking to break outside of the boring, “same old same” stereotypical practice, and change the way their patients feel about going to the dentist. 
  • Practices with more sophisticated marketing needs than just doing another social media post or updating their website and just hoping patients will become more loyal 
  • Practices that want to become highly profitable cash cows that have and create enthusiastic patients who show up at the office prepared to pay for the dentistry they want, and invite their friends do the same. 

It’s easy to get stuck at six figures. But at AMM, we’ve discovered the #1 shift you need to make to get from six to seven figures. Do you know what it is?

This is something you need to figure this out fast. Because strategies are very different for each type of practice. 

Choosing the wrong strategy can be the cause of headache and heartburn, or worse yet, a big landslide from the wrong insurance approach. 

At AMM, we’ll figure out which path you need to take and slingshot you to the next level, on the right path. 

    To apply, just fill out the application below and email it to or fax it to (801) 405-7709 with “AMM application” in the subject line.

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