How to attract new patients to your dental practice?

This is a fantastic question. And you want to start out by defining what type of patient you want to attract now. If you just say, “Hey, we just want any new patient” then you’re probably already on the wrong track. There are many patients looking for lots of different types of services and different outcomes.

For example:

  • There are patients who care more about insurance.
  • There are patients who care most about cost. 
  • There are patients who care most about the provider.
  • There are patients looking for specific services, many which know they are not covered by insurance.
  • There are patients who care most about the experience.

Most people care about a combination of these things, but there was a great study several years ago by 1-800-DENTIST that shed some more light on this topic.

In the study, they went through a whole list of things people want in a dentist. Number one was… may not have guessed it….a clear conversation about cost  upfront.

Then the study went  into some other areas such as: 1) Convenience – being located near their home. 2) Availability – to get into an appointment. 3) Np a list of, you know, some other things that you can find. The full online study was done about 10 years ago, but the information is still very relevant.

Now, the interesting thing is that one of the top five questions WAS NOT: Do you take my insurance? 

That’s because a lot of people don’t know what else to ask and they don’t know that there are other things they should know. So when you’re looking to attract new patients, more importantly than where and how, you most importantly want to think about WHO.

So who is the type of patient you want to track? Are you looking for families? Are you looking for baby boomers? Are you looking for patients who could benefit from implants? Are you looking for patients who could benefit from preventative checkups? Do you have some type of niche or specialty in your practice and then really target those people?

It may now be more expensive to obtain those types of patients, but it can be well worth it. If you’re just looking to attract any type of patient, you’re going to get a wide range. And many of those patients may not fit the values, the goals, and the purpose of your practice. 

Now we have a really cool trick that we’ve learned, and this is a new way that you can attract patients for a very low cost, or even free by using Facebook.

For just $7, you can download a really cool tool we’ve put together. And that’ll allow you to attract as many patients as you want with add to your practice month after month using Facebook. And did I mention, no expensive ads?!?

Now, this isn’t an “effortless” way to attract more qualified new patients, but it absolutely works if you or one of your team members will commit to doing it each month.

It is a strategy that very few practices take advantage of, but with a little “elbow grease,” you’ll be able to really hone in on the type of patient you want to attract and be able to target those patients who align with the goals and purpose of your team. I look forward to helping you.

And those patients are really going to help you and your team meet your annual goals for the rest of 2022 and beyond. If you’re interested, simple email us at and put “Qualified Referrals” in the subject line.

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