How Much Are Your Patients Worth?

Recently the most valuable and expensive pair of shoes ever sold in an auction for nearly $1.5 million. They were a pair of 1984 Nike basketball sneakers worn by Michael Jordan.

Health and relationships are the most valuable assets and prized possessions we have in our lives.

However, the things you spend the most money on are often things that can be replaced. For example, cars can be repaired or traded up. Homes can be rebuilt or repaired after a flood or fire. But your health, wellness and the relationships you have with your family and patients simply cannot be replaced.

The question to ask yourself is how much are your patients worth to you? And how much is confident smile worth to your patients?

For many, avoiding pain, anxiety, fear of the dentist or worry about losing a front tooth is enough for someone to put themselves into quarantine away from people who they may feel self concious or embarrassed around.

Don’t ever forget this. And when you set up membership plans or update your savings club, remember how much a confident smile is worth to your patients. Although you may not be able to put an exact number to this, never sell yourself short. Always remember how valuable the services are that you provide.

Don’t let insurance companies dictate the way you treat your patients and never make it the first point of conversation in a case presentation discussions, or it will outright undermine the value you provide.

To learn more about improving the memberships in your practice, listen to this week’s podcast here.

Have a great week!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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