Less Talk, More Treatment

When your new patient responds with “I’ll think about it,” what do you do next?

The best part about dentistry is that you never need to “sell“ anything!

Simply respond with “no problem at all” anytime you run into that, and then practice the fine art of shutting up and listening.

It diffuses the pressure, which they are trying to put back on you for cost, no sense of urgency, etc.

I like to follow up with something like “what remaining questions do you have in your mind I may not have answered for you, so I can be sure I cover everything that you may be thinking of.”

Now go practice this and role-play it with your team so that it feels comfortable to you, and so that helps you and your team show your genuine concern and compassion for your patients.

Plus it’s one of the secrets we’ve used to consistently double our case acceptance (75-100% higher) than the national average.

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