G.R.O.W. Like CVS

Here is a prime example of a subscription membership program I read recently that specifically involves healthcare. You can learn a lot about this on how you run your own practice, grow your profits, and most importantly meet the needs of your patients where they are.

“CVS, the drug store chain, has 4-Million people in its subscription programs, and CVS reports* that those customers buy 25% more stuff than other customers i.e. each one worth 125% what the non-subscriber is worth. 

They also have 74-Million as “ExtraCare Members,” although that per-customer value differential isn’t clearly reported. 

…members are worth more. CVS acquired 8-Million new – customers (customer data records) via Virus-testing. The number gained by administering vaccines had not occurred in time for their annual report…Let no crisis or ANY opportunity to collect useful customer or prospect data go to waste! 

…Financial Independence is from what you OWN, not what you DO….”

-Dan Kennedy, July 2021 Letter

Think about IPV = Individual Patient Value. How much is a new patient or referral worth to your office?

Have a relationship and a financially profitable week!


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