Is Insurance Getting In the Way of Your Treatment Plans?

Many practice owners have asked, “why is insurance such a pain to deal with?” But many who complain about the hand that feed them are also some of the most insurance driven offices I know of.

Don’t knock it if you are the one who chose to sign on the dotted line.

Today, at least 7 out of 10 people are suffering from some form of dental disease. According to the ADA, many people avoid dental treatment due to perceived high expenses. But when you drill down the the real issue, it really comes down to lack of perceived benefit or no sense of urgency.

Recently on a podcast with my friend and Periodontist, Dan Thunell, he explained: That one thing I always try to keep in mind whenever a patient sits down in my chair is I am not just treating the patient, but I am treating the doctor that is associated with that patient. And so, if I keep that in my mind, it sure helps me to make good decisions and, stay out of trouble.

As you know, dental insurance really isn’t insurance at all. It is a $1000 or $1500 prepaid benefit. If you want deeper relationships with your patients, don’t think about the insurance as the primary concern. DO think about the person, their needs and values, and working with their other medical providers as needed.

In my humble opinion….
Should you be insurance driven, no. Should you be insurance friendly, yes!

It means a lot to (some of) your patients to have insurance, but it shouldn’t be the main focus in a PPP (PrePaid Practice).

Get rid of insurances that are not profitable. Offer flexible financing and stop letting your team (and your own verbiage) be dictated solely by insurance.

You reap what you sow. If the first thing your hygienist says is “insurance doesn’t cover it,” then what do you think the patients reaction will be? Flip that around to “we offer…” or “have you heard of…” and shed positive light on what you have to offer.

Good relationships with patients and referring offices are the key to growing your profit and your patient loyalty.

Until next time!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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