Are You “Addicted”?

As a practicing dentist, you’ve probably seen the effects of patients who have addictions to narcotics. I’ve never had any problem like that myself, but I’ve treated a few patients over the years who formerly had those problems and have shared with me how much it ruined their life, and how much work it was to turn that around for them.

So just like a muscle, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and be able to do things differently and work with people who will challenge your ideas and talk with you about what you are doing.

Just think – maybe there’s a better way to do this, maybe you should be thinking about working on or doing things in your practice in a different way so you don’t get stuck in the comfort zone of complacency.

When you work out, that’s when growth hormones are released. So whether it’s weighted, or running, cycling, or whatever it is, between workouts or when you rest, your body releases growth hormone, and that impacts your mind and your body allows its muscles to grow.

Now there’s a certain point that you don’t want to go beyond, which is overworking your muscles. This could tear a muscle or damage a muscle, but as long as you’re working in an environment that causes you to stretch a bit each day, and work a little bit harder each day, that’s the kind of people and business you should spend your time in.

And celebrate your accomplishments and wins!

In our upcoming Membership growth mastermind, we’ll be talking about getting off the insurance bandwagon, so you can still be insurance friendly like we are. But you’ll discover how to be insurance dependent and how to attract patients who want to see you for the value you offer, not because you’re the discount dentist or the insurance-driven dentist.

You want to have a purpose-driven practice, not an insurance-driven practice. More to come soon on this topic in our upcoming blogs, but if you’d like more information about the growth mastermind, we’d be happy to share that with you.

Until next time. Have a fantastic week!

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