Innovation Equals Success

When it comes to the growth of your practice, one important aspect to incorporate is predicting the future desires of your patients, and designing innovative procedures based on those desires that will make the lives of your patient more convenient.

Just as Henry Ford once wisely said,

If I asked my customers what they wanted, they would have saidfaster horses’.“

When the world still traveled by horse and carriage, he designed and produced an innovative and more convenient alternative means of travel that the world didn’t even know it desired yet.

The same holds true in every business and practice; if you can offer your customers a product or service that is both an innovative and more convenient alternative to what is already available, in order to fulfill the future desires of your customers or patients, then you will ultimately become more successful.

Steve Jobs believed in this very same idea. Computers were for solving complex math equations and for big businesses, certainly not for an individual’s personal use! However, thanks to the innovation of Steve Jobs, computers were only the beginning, as he conveniently produced a computer so small, many of you may be holding one in your hand right now; the iPhone.

There were plenty of options for coffee and breakfast items when Starbucks came into being and despite the overwhelming odds, quickly became a worldwide coffee franchise due to their innovation of producing new high-quality coffee products, as well as placing importance on being more convenient to their customers than their competitors.

There was no shortage of orthodontists when Invisalign and Smile Direct Club offered a fresh and innovative look at dental health by conveniently providing their products online and shipping them directly to the customer, ultimately cornering a market that no one even knew existed for dental care!

You will need real data in order to accurately predict the future desires of your patients, and we recommend using a service like SurveyMonkey to track the trends, interests and feedback from your patients, as well as patients from other practices.

But, as always, you will need to constantly improve your practice for your patients as well as design something that they will desire and not just wait for them to ask for it!

From everyone here at Pinecrest Practice Growth, we hope that you all strive to become innovative in the services you offer, and become more successful in your practice as a direct result of the convenience of these innovative services!

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