Rich Owners Get Richer!

There are only two types of businesses and practices in the world:

  1. The ones that continuously thrive and better themselves every year, and…
  2. The ones that continuously struggle until they ultimately give up, or fail.

Although, even outside of the ongoing pandemic, there is a reason why there are many practices that are up against the ropes, and why there are others that are doing very well.

Unfortunately, there is no stimulus, accountant, or any tax laws available that will be able to determine which of these yours will be. However there is one reason, and one reason only, why successful practices are successful. That reason is, if the truth be told, not because of taxes, laws, luck, or even just being smarter than a rival business owner!

To put it simply, it’s really only a matter of applying yourself completely to your business or practice, and doing so over a long period of time. This one act alone will set you miles apart from what is considered to be the “average!”

No matter how much of your money is redistributed, granted or given away, or just moved around; the best business owners always continue to get much richer because they are willing to do things that most other owners are not. Which, ultimately, results in going that extra mile by working harder, and especially by working smarter!

This is what marketing legend, and multimillionaire, Dan Kennedy refers to as:


By following this method, you will always find yourself to be head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd! The only question that remains is this:

Going forward, how can you apply yourself more to your business or practice?

On behalf of everyone here at Pinecrest Practice Growth, we hope that you have a successful year in your practice!

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