Who Is Your “Coach?”

Pat Williams, the cofounder of the Orlando Magic and former general manager of the Chicago Bulls and 76ers said that he has yet to meet a player that didn’t need a coach. 

He’s been in professional sports for 60 years – so I trust his judgment. 

He’s coached some of the greats including Julius “Dr. J” Irving and Shaquille O’Neal. all great players need someone to mentor, manage, and coach them. So doall good entrepreneurs and practice owners.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy perfectly stated that: “most entrepreneurs are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than on managing themselves better.“

How about you? Are you just wasting away only working IN your practice, or are you also dedicating time each week to work ON your practice and ON yourself?

This has been one of my secrets of success in growing my practice by nearly 10 X since I first bought it 10 years ago. Not easy. Not always fun. But definitely worth it and always what I always wanted to do. I’ve had a lot of great coaches and mentors along the way, both inside dentistry and outside of it.

The late and famous copywriter Gary Halbert who made millions of dollars in direct marketing said that “the deadline is the greatest gift to mankind.”  

The question is: who is 
keeping you accountable?

You can’t do it on your own! I need someone with a different perspective and a different set of eyes looking at what you were doing and who you were doing it with. Plus it’s a lot of fun and brings confidence and clarity when you can talk with someone you can relate to. Often you can’t relate this situation to your team, your associates, or even your spouse. I need someone else who owns a business to help you better manage and elevate your own.

As the saying goes, you can only see things through the hole you are looking through. 

Several times a year (or more!) you need to get out of your bubble and comfort zone and gain perspective from others who are successful or where you want to be.

Are you looking for someone to coach you through 2021 and help you navigate the competitive and turbulent waters we are sailing through right now? If so we have some spots open for this year‘s group coaching program and you can simply reply to this email or give me a call and one of my team members can point you in the right direction and get you more information. 

Here’s a  quick example of what you will learn to implement in the newly released  2021 G.R.O.W. Your Practice coaching program.

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