Ensure Your 2021 Goal I.S. M.E.T.

As we approach the end of the year, are you casually coasting to the finish line? Or are you on an all-out sprint to the finish line?

You should definitely enjoy time with family and friends, and reflect on 2020, but it’s also an opportunity to finish strong and set goals for 2021.

When exercising, research finds that during the 2-3 minutes of resting after a sprint, your body cranks out up to 500% or more growth hormone. This produces not just physical, but mental stimulation and growth. “Catching your breath” has many potential benefits to your mind and body.

Here’s the acronym we came up with at Pinecrest Practice Growth, to ensure your goal for 2021 “IS-MET.”

Here’s a video we made about it:

To recap, here’s a quick summary of goal planning. 

I – ideas: why and what

S – structure or outline 

M – map it out: visual, audio, or written 

E – edit 

T – team members: WHO to get it done and when

Use this formula to finish strong and set yourself up for a fantastic 2021. We are in a wonderful profession.

Merry Christmas!

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