Three Type of People In Your World

Walt Disney once described that their are three types of people in the world:

  1. “Well-poisoners“ – those who always criticize the ideas and effort of other people.
  2. “Lawn-mowers“ – the good citizens who go to work each day, pay their taxes, and take care of their homes, but never venture outside of their own lives to really make an impact on others.
  3. “Life-enhancers“ – those who reach out to enrich the lives of others through encouraging words or acts of service. (Source: Simply Rich by Rich DeVos, founder of Amway.)

You’ve probably heard the saying before that you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself. The thing about averages, is that averages are usually diluted by the people on the bottom. So it’s essentially impossible for you to be greater than those five people you associate yourself with.

So why not surround yourself with people who are of the same mindset and performance as you are, or better yet those who have done even greater and bigger things than you have?

The same goes for your team members, your associate doctors, and the mentors in your practice.

If you’re going to hire only “B Rated” players and up, then you shouldn’t ever hire a “well-poisoner.“ If you do by accident, then you need to quickly remove that person from your practice or they will quickly intoxicate your team, your patients and the goals you have set up in your practice. Most importantly I would primarily be looking for those “life enhancers,“ who are the A players and superachievers in your office.

The same concept applies to the patients you seek out through your marketing resources. If you only market “cheap” dentistry or health care and “insurance only” services, then that’s the type of person you will have calling you. Nothing wrong with that if that’s who you are looking for, but if you’re really looking for top rated patients, then you need to market and appeal to the top rated people in your community.

Here are the timelines we use when creating a marketing message to patients that you can apply to your prospects, patients or clients today:

Pinecrest Dental’s
8 Steps To A Great Promotion!
Campaign Offer Builder

  1. Choose the Right List:
    => 40/40/20 rule – 40% list, 40% offer, 20% content & design
  2. Call to Action Offer – deadline and what is included
  3. Catchy Headline: If I could just…. (fill in the blank) prospect magnet.
  4. Proof and/or Guarantee (yes, you’d CAN do this in healthcare, with examples such as “we guarantee to call you back within 24 hours,” etc.).
  5. Body of email or letter.
  6. Personality and enthusiasm.
  7. Who is it from (brand building is a bonus, not the purpose) and how to contact us.
  8. #1 – calculate the ROI in advance – 3:1 MINIMUM GOAL on the front end
    => how much will it cost and how much will it produce?

Use “AIDA”
A- Attention grabber
I- Interest
D – Desire building
A- Action taking

Have a great week growing your practice, and please share your thoughts, challenges and successes by commenting below!

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