19 Years Later, A Day We’ll Never Forget

With all of the unique events happening in the world right now, it’s easy for us forget about reflecting on what we’ve learned from the past.

Friday will be 19 years since the September 2001 attacks on our nation. I was looking through some photos from last summer when my wife and I visited New York City with a group of friends, where we were able to visit Ground Zero and the memories frozen in time. It was humbling to pay tribute to those who were killed in the attacks.

Below are a few photos we took on our visit. I distinctly remember coming down the stairs and seeing this large mural with the quote on it, and learning that the bodies of many who were killed are still entombed behind this wall.

As we approach the homestretch of the presidential election political season, it’s important to remember that regardless of what happens or who is elected, we live in the greatest nation on earth. We should be proud of our freedoms and celebrate the great country we live in.

Did you know? Here are 2 things you may not have known about the constitution (I didn’t until reading about it recently):

  1. The Constitution does not declare the U.S. Government a “Democracy.” The word actually doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution. Technically the U.S. is a republic, and many of the founding fathers, including James Madison believed Democracies were doomed to fail.
  2. The first and last words in the Constitution are about our nations’ greatest asset – its people. It begins with the words “We the people” and ends with the words “to the people” in the tenth amendment.

Remember the People in your practice are most important, that includes your family, your patients, and your team.

Have a fantastic week!

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