Are You At Rest, Or In Motion?

In May, Space X and NASA teamed up for the first time to launch a 1.2 million pound rocket into space. The Falcon 9 required 1.7 million pounds of thrust to get off the ground, and then overcome both it’s weight and air resistance to get into space.

May 2020 also brought a huge boost to our nation’s skyrocketing unemployment rate, with nearly 10% of new jobs coming from the dental industry. 244,000 new hires happened in the U.S., BUT many were rehires of furloughed team members. (

On the flip side…

As of June 1, in a survey of over 5600 practices:

  • 59.7% of practices have half of the normal collections or less
  • Nearly 3% are still totally closed and another 6% are only seeing emergency patients. This means that nearly 10% of our colleagues are barely open if at all. (See June ADA News.)

Changes are coming! But in the face of change, you should be finding the opportunities and staying focused on your goals. It’s the only way to win the long term marathon you are engaged in as a practice owner.

If you remember physics class (way back in the days of undergrad – remember those?), Newton’s law of motion states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless it’s forced to change by an external effort. Newton’s third law states that an object in motion tends to say in motion, and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Regarding the May 2020 launch, the Glenn Research Center Blog (NASA) states:

When the thrust is equal to the weight, there’s no longer any reaction force through the fins, but the net force on the rocket is still zero. When the thrust is greater than the weight, there is a net external force equal to the thrust minus the weight, and the rocket begins to rise.

For most practice owners, pushing to do something new, differently, or get started is the toughest thing to do. Once in motion, good things tend to stay in motion as long as you continue to feed them.

This week, find the projects that you’ve been putting off and make them happen. Take the first step today. Most of us underestimate what we can do when we prioritize and put our minds to it. If you don’t have a sample of my annual leadership planner, simply shoot us an email and we’ll send a copy of this month over to you by email.

For a copy of the planner, simply send me an email at and put “Friday Finish Free Planner Month” in the subject line.

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