Do You Feel Gratitude Today?

Friday FINISH – April 10, 2020

We all need extra encouragement right now. Life is very different.

I once read that the divorce rate of parents with children who have special needs is 85%. When times get tough, it’s easy to crack. As Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently stated, we’ll see who the real leaders are through this challenging time.

Right now you have just 5 choices regarding the future of your practice:

  1. Give up.
  2. Sell out to a corporate practice.
  3. Change careers.
  4. Wait for the government to bail you out.
  5. Stick with it and persevere.

I like option #5 for my situation, but you have to decide what is in your best interests. If you are on board with sticking this thing out, then this blog post is for you.

During a time of trial, it’s critical to be grateful for what you have. Life COULD BE much worse today.

We could be freezing, in the dark middle of winter.

We could have way more COVID-19 deaths.

We could be in a business or industry that has gone completely bust.

We could be without access to loans or emergency savings funds.

Unfortunately, some of our colleagues will not recover from this turbulent time. Some practices may never open their doors again. This is sad, but will create opportunity for you if you have a game plan. Maybe you will be the future employer of a dentist who loses his or her practice in this pandemic. You could be the light at the end of the tunnel for someone in need.

Take a moment this week to show some Gratitude for people around you. Write a thank you note or call a friend or employee who you haven’t seen in some time. If you have a hygienist or assistant out of work right now, send them a letter of encouragement. Your words will go a long way. And remember, it could be much worse!

Gratitude is the greatest guarantee of continual successful interaction with the world over an entire lifetime…It illuminates isolation, egotism and annoyance. – Catherine Nomura, The Laws of Lifetime Growth

I hope you have a fantastic friday and enjoy this Spring-Easter weekend with your family. 

Until next time!

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