Diamonds In The Rough

Friday FINISH (Special Thursday edition) – March 19, 2020

There’s an old story, told by Roger Cromwell, the first president and founder of Temple University, who was also a well known Baptist temple minister, lawyer and writer. He tells of a priest offering advice to a man named Ali, looking for diamonds, as written here from his famous speech Acres of Diamonds (quoted from

Ali: “Will you tell me where I find diamonds?”

Priest: “Diamonds! What do you want with diamonds?”

Ali: “Why, I wish to be immensely rich.”

Priest: “Well, then, go along and find them. That is all you have to do; go and find them, and then you have them.”

Ali: “But I don’t know where to go.”

Priest: “Well, if you will find a river that runs through white sands, between high mountains, in those white sands you will always find diamonds.”

Ali: “I don’t believe there is any such river.”

Priest: “Oh yes, there are plenty of them. All you have to do is to go and find them, and then you have them.”

Ali sold his farm, traveled the world, became impoverished and eventually lost his life, without finding his treasure. The man who later bought Ali’s farm was one day down by the river on the farm property, where his camel was getting a cool drink. The man saw a shimmering light in the river and found a large deposit of diamonds, making him rich above his wildest dreams. 

Sometimes the “diamonds” in our practices and businesses are right under our nose. We can become tempted to look for new shiny objects in the form of new patients and new procedures, but can easily neglect what is right in front of us.

DON’T NEGLECT your #1 asset in your practice – your patient list. It is far more valuable than any 3D technology or your entire building. Your patient list IS the goose that lays the golden eggs, so don’t neglect it. Nourish it, dig deep, cultivate your list and maximize the value that is already underneath your feet. This includes your team members, take care of those around you, not just in the form of dental treatment, but in building long-lasting relationships using the 5R relationship marketing system. 

Especially during this trying time, don’t forget to reach out to those you care for and express your concern and how you can help, in whatever form that is.

Be grateful to be in a profession that is nearly recession-proof. Stay positive, this soon will pass and we’ll bounce back like we always do.

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